Meet Becca


A long, long time ago, when I got married, wedding invitations were ordered out of a catalog!  Custom wasn't really available unless you were rich.  If you were lucky, you could choose from four or five different fonts and pre-determined verses.  If you didn't like a layout or color choice - too bad, so sad!  Don’t get me wrong, that may be exactly what someone is looking for but for my brides, I wanted something more.

I approach my invitation design process as personally as possible - with a face-to-face appointment, custom design, unlimited revisions, and personal service.


Simple as that.

It is so special to be a part of such special moments in people’s lives. I get to know couples like I would a new friend; I feel their joy and I’m truly excited to be involved in their planning process.

So . . . Who Are Fred & Louise?

I'm so glad that you asked :)  Fred and Louise are my grandparents who I miss dearly.  They were married in 1943 and remained together until my grandfather's passing in 2003, just prior to their 60th wedding anniversary.  Grandpa was a bombardier in the Pacific during WW2 and during his absence, Fred & Louise exchanged numerous letters until his return.  These letters inspired me to form Fred & Louise Co. in their honor.

Fred & Louise on their Wedding Day, 1943

my favorite things

My Hubby & Kids

"My happiness."

(aren't they amazing?)

The Puppy Dogs

"Obviously the favorite F&L Co. team members."

(AKA, Kylo Ren, the Alaskan Klee Kai and Hercules, the Chihuahua)

Ice Skating

"Former competitive figure skater . . . now, middle aged momma trying not to die doing something fun!"